Private Label Bottled Water. Purefection.



Launch your own brand of enhanced water and increase your margins! It’s our specialty!

We can offer you:  
 • Functional Enhanced Water  • Infused Water
 • Carbonated Water   • Vitamins Enhanced Water
 • Flavored Still or Sparkling  • Minerals Enhanced Water
 • Oxygenated Water  • Electrolyte Water
 • Distilled Water  • Alkaline Water
• Caffeinated Water  • Natural Spring Water

We already have many successful brands that are produced either at our New York plant or at our Canadian sister company plant.


Boreal is a personalized bottled water company specializing in premium custom bottled water for your company. Whether it’s for publicity, promotion, marketing, internal use or a specific event, Boreal custom labeled bottle water is a one-stop shop, a turnkey operation offering customers fully integrated services literally from the ground up.

With the most extensive distribution network in North America and warehouses across Canada and the United States, unlike other bottled water companies, Boreal also has exclusive access to a pristine and abundant, award winning source deep in the untouched wilds of Canada. With exclusive exploitation rights, Boreal has a confirmed volume in excess of thousands of millions of gallons.

Boreal Private label bottled

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