BOREAL WATER COLLECTION’s goal is to become the leading producer of high-end private label bottled water in North America. BOREAL plans to achieve this goal by developing its affiliation with Les Sources Saint-Elie Inc., a Canadian company that has been the leading producer of high-end private label bottled water in Eastern Canada over the last decade. BOREAL is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality private label bottled water products at affordable prices; supported by a wide range of products and an outstanding level of customer service. Our product line, which features various labels and shapes and sizes of water bottles, is the most impressive in the market. In today’s health-conscious society, private label bottled water is an effective and highly desirable vehicle to promote businesses. Because we provide a turn-key project, we are able to offer our service to almost every type of corporate customer.

Production Facilities

BOREAL WATER COLLECTION plans to develop a national network of bottled water production facilities through an aggressive acquisition program and via selective joint ventures.

Distribution network

BOREAL WATER COLLECTION, with its acquired know-how and its exclusive product offering, will expand by selling distribution licenses to selected well-established distributors, in addition to developing its own national corporate accounts.

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