Plastic Bottle Recycling Facts

- Plastic bottles can be recycled into: rugs, swimming goggles, dog bowls, back packs, skateboard wheels, and ski jackets.


- Plastic bottles are very fashionable: about five plastic bottles produce enough fiber filling for a ski coat, 25 recycled bottles can make a fleece coat, and it takes 26 bottles to make a polyester suit.


- It takes 14, 20-ounce PET bottles to produce one Extra Large T-shirt.


- Amazing Recycled melts plastic and whips it in an electric mixer, making a foam. The foam is spun into fibers. They take the fibers, mix it with cotton and make white T-shirts that are 50% cotton/50% water bottles.


- Made from recycled plastic, the nails and screws in plastic lumber hold better than wood for at least 50 years.


- A one liter water bottle can be recycled and manufactured as a ruler.


- The filling for one sleeping bag could be made from 85 20-ounce water bottles


- pdf - Facts about recyling of PET