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Water in all its Packaging Glory

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Water is no longer just found in a simple plastic bottle, it can come in all shapes and sizes. Bottles of water can be made in small batches or made to last with recyclable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Here I show off some ‘designer’ water bottles made by high end designers which have gone into production and some other great ideas of packaging water.

boxed water

Boxed Water: about 85% of the Boxed Water container is made from a renewable resource, 20% of the profits go back to the resources from which the product is composed of; water and trees.


Plant it Water: Made from 60% renewable resources, with the famous Tetra Pak design.


GO Water: This has an oxygen concentration that is 35 times higher than regular water, and the packaging design is pretty sweet as well.


Ty Water: Designed by well know evolutionary biologist and designer Ross Lovegrove this water bottle was designed in 2001.


Evian 2005 Limited edition: Looks more like a fragrance bottle or something to hold your favourite liqueur.


Paul Smith Evian Water Bottle: The water bottle is adorned in vibrant colors with a festive theme and a nod to Smith’s signature stripes.


Ô Water: The bottle mimics the effect of a test tube based on the idea of a ’specimen of purity’.


Lanjaron Water: The sleek, clear, groove-less shape of the bottle magnifies the Mulhacén mountain (Sierra Nevada, Spain) arising from its base.


Viz: Claims to be in a category of its own and packs a punch offering a fizz when you open the bottle each time increasing the potency life of the drink.


SEI Water: Inspired by the military canteen we all know this bottle does again look more like an aftershave bottle by a snotty french company, the bottle is based on the principles of portability and utilization of space.



Rustad Spring Water: Designed by Norwegian design agency Strømme Throndsen Design, the bottle and can design show great subtle qualities and would definitely be something consumers would latch onto being a product they would love to be seen with.


1Litre Water: Featuring an integrated cup this design and was awarded the gold medal for “People’s Choice in Packaging and Design at the Berkeley Spring Water Tasting Competition.”


Farraelle: Mineral water presented as clean, simple and minimal.



For more information on packaging & products visit:

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