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The Catskill mountains are renowned for their water resources and are often termed 'America's First Wilderness'.

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In addition to Boreal’s exclusive access to their award winning water in the wilds of Canada. Boreal Water also has access to a pristine and abundant source in the Catskill Mountains of North America.

The are known for it’s rugged, rocky terrain, numerous mountains, valleys, streams, waterfalls and wild forests. Hikers stop to take cool drinks from groundwater seeping from mountainside springs; fishermen test their skills against wary trout in cold, clear creeks; and millions of people rely on the water that streams supply to large reservoirs.

In the Catskills, it seems that every valley has a stream coursing through it. Streams are what define the Catskills, both literally, in the fact that streams carved the mountains we see today, and figuratively, in that streams have played a central role in man’s past and present endeavors in the Catskills.

Historically, streams were used for water power at mills, and for transporting timber and man-made products to ports. Recreation activities on streams, including fishing, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, nature study, and site seeing, are favorite past-times of Catskill residents and visitors, and are important for the local economy.

Around the world, mountainous areas are critically important in the supply of pure drinking water.  The City of New York alone, harnesses this clean Catskill surface water to supply high quality drinking water to over nine million people. For more information visit:

Boreal Water Collection

T 845.794.0400   T 866.429.0101

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